September 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Aivy!

Aivy...I've been calling her "Ivy" till recently last night. Not that it makes much of a difference in terms of pronunciation; but I'm glad I didn't write "Ivy" on her cake! *laughs* It's been almost 1/2 a year now since I've first met her. I still remember it was at a Korean restaurant. She was all smiles, in bright colorful clothing and a gold retro shoulder bag! At once, I knew I was going to love her! She's been really sweet, at all our parties, happy and loves my could I resist. Aivy lives close-by and I feel we don't spend enough time together. We still need to work on that shopping trip planned 4-5 months ago! *laughs* soon...soon...

It was her birthday celebration last night and we gathered at a cramped Thai place in the city called "Spice-I-am". The tables were filled up with diners and there were long queues on the table-waiting list. For a moment; I was worried we wouldn't be able to get a table large enough to fit 10!

Dinner was delicious...I've heard pleasant "stories" about this place and was expecting a "life-changing" feast of Thai food. I was satisfied...but not necessarily impressed. A couple of dishes were spectacular but the other's had not much to howl about. It wasn't worth the wait/noisy cramped surroundings. Considering how fast they're turning over the tables for $$, I would suggest for them to buy up the 3 shops next door and expand to get more tables in. At least diners would be comfortable then.

Anyway, back to Aivy.....we had a birthday cake "surprise" at William+Owens place after the dinner party. I brought my precious new cupcake stand, tied pretty ribbons around and stacked them up with chocolate liquor cakes filled with mascarpone cream. The flowers were molded from sugarpaste and I made a tiny doll of her as the topper. I didn't have much time to fix up extravagant decorative bits...but I'm glad she was impressed nonetheless. After the candles were lit and lights were dimmed, I thought it was rather pretty too! The cake was yummy...I went for something spongy and for a frosting with less sugar content as I knew she doesn't like her desserts too sweet.


Jacelyn said...

The cupcakes sound yummy. I always prefer my cake to be more spongy than dense. Any tips to share, Su?

thecoffeesnob said...

hey Su-Yin,

i chanced upon your blog a couple weeks ago and have been mesmerized by the cake decorations you come with it since. theyre just gorgeous! =)

Aivy said...

ohohooh.. thxxxx so much for the cakes!! of course i'm impressed!!! I couldn't make anything close to that, wait, i dun even know how to start! ahahhaha.. THANKKKKS! i LAFU u!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I randomly stumbled upon your blog, and am absolutely amazed at your food creations! I love your do you have the time to make all that stuff? And the willpower not to eat everything you make? Hahah, well, keep up the great work!


Su-Yin said...

jacelyn: hmmm it really depends on the recipe. A good "trial and error" run of various recipes always works well

the coffeesnob: thanks so much for your kind words...:) It means alot.

aivy: :) SHOPPING!...after this week...too busy atm. :P hehe

alex: haha Most people ask me "how" are they going to eat that too...they do after awhile...LOL I make time to practice my cooking and cake-art a couple times a week. Just motivated by interest and a love for all things food :)

ashieBee said...

heyya :)

can you teach me how you make all those decorations for your cake? *sigh* i think i need to get some personnal classes with uuuuuuuuuu :)

hugs, ashieBee

Su-Yin said...

haha i make them with Fondant..its really hard to teach u over email or internet. I suggest you buy a couple of cake decorating books and practice. THats how i started off as well.

ashieBee said...

oraight then...i shall start the adventure of decorating cake! hehehe...wish me luck :)