August 4, 2006

A Garden of Sweets.

Those who are familiar with my cakes are probably acquainted to my fairly bizarre flair with sugar craft creations. The proportions are always little 'off', the colours are bold, bright and vibrant and they never necessarily appear realistic. I just love creating images from my head; which...I do admit...sometimes...are fairly illogical, but *shrug* it's my personal touch.
A good example would be this weeks cake I made for a Landscape Architecture student at UNSW who's turning 21 on Saturday. I received a couple of specific details from a friend of mine who made the cake order and requested for "something chocolate". Georgie; the birthday girl, has brunette hair often tied up in a thick head band and loves flat toe peep shoes. I thought it would be a cute idea to have a summer dress on the doll to match the whole 'alice'-in-marshmallowland scene.The cake took me more than 2 days to complete due to the little fiddly critters and details on the wild flowers. Here's my favourite "creature" I nick-named "The- THING"! haha it was initially supposed to be a toad/frog but having too much green in the pond would just be boring. I didn't adhere it to the cake with icing so it could be moved about; just for fun *grin*.
The cake was Milk chocolate covered in chocolate buttercream and frosted with desiccated coconut to give it a field-like surface. The leaves and shrubs were piped with royal icing and flowers, shrooms and tiny animals were molded from sugar paste. It was a lot of fun to make. Especially the bits of mini marshmallows on flower wire. *sigh* it'll be fun to pull them out one at a time, eating them as you go along! LOL.
These are close up shots on the small critters and flowers...I personally feel they are abosolutely adorable!! I hope the birthday girl likes her cake...I'll probably hear about it tomorrow *cross-fingers**ps: Notice the little new clever tabs at the side of my archives!? THanks HEAPS for your time and effort Nayan. I Love how neat my blog looks now!! :)

Edit: WHooppz...almost forgot to post pictures of the "leftover cake batter"-cupcakes I often make from excess. Frosted with the buttercream from the main cake and topped with a cookIE! Lucky for me, I only had enough batter left for 3 small cupcakes; I could have eaten a DOZEN of these! YUM!!
It's a simple idea, which would probably take you less effort than purchasing a tacky decorative flower from the supermarket isle! *wink* this definitely looks more scrumptious by far!


Nahuatl said...

Hi.. Can I request one thing?

If you want, please set the maximum posts to 4 or 5 for the index page. This way, your lengthy blog will be loaded in shorter time :)

Su-Yin said...

hoenstly...I have no idea how to do that! *laughs*
you'll have to email me a couple more details on where to find the index page. Haha so sorry :(

Su-Yin said...

WEEE!!! i got it! I got iT! LOL

faizah said...

amazing blog, i must say.
delicious food. it certainly doesn't look like it's made by a student (who usually is very busy).

kudos to you, suyin!

Su-Yin said... not exactly an EXTREMELy busy student...the work piles up during exam periods and end of semesters but other than that...i make time :)

Puspha said...

WOw!!! Look at the cake. Kudos to u for creating a remarkable cake.

MOM said...

well done. this cake is really nice.The idea of putting things on the cake which can be pulled out to eat is good. IF THERE ARE SOME SOFT JELLYS FRIUTS WOULD BE NICE

Quellia said...

OMG that is beautiful! Thank goodness you don't live any where near me or I would be ordering cakes from you all the time!

diddy said...

that looks so pretty! How did you do all the decorations? Did it take you a while to do? You're so creative and I love the pics!

Su-Yin said...

thanks for the compliments everyone!
I hope the birthday girls likes it as much as u guys do! haha
diddy: I did all the decorations by hand..molded with a sugar paste and marshmallow fondant. Everythin on the cake is edible. Erm....took me bout 6-7 hours just for the deco(not including standing time)..and about 2 hours for baking and sculpting.

naomi said...

wow... hey where did you get that gorgeous pink cooking set??

Su-Yin said...

Hey Naomi :) Most of my cooking tools are from Wheel & Barrow. THey have AMAZING stuff! mY absolute FAVOURITE! LOL
Try looking if they have a branch nearby.

carrots said...

that's so amazing!! i love those animals a lot.. jus wondering, how big is the cake? did u use a big cake tin? i really love the sugarcraft.. did u make the paste yourself? how i wish i can attempt sugarcraft someday.. (but still no luck in trying to find those ready-made paste in supermarkets =( )
hehe, if im anywhere near ur place, i'd definitely place a cake order from u =) such great work!

Su-Yin said...

Hey carrots; the cake was about 10 inches long and 5 inches wasnt very thick..and I sculpted the cake to get uneven landscapes so it had different heights all together.
I made the paste myself and stronger colours i ahd to purchase.
THanks for the compliments :)