August 23, 2006

Back from SeA~

My weekend was spent sailing out to sea from Airlie Beach into the majestic waters of the Whitsunday group of islands. The experience was unforgettable. We set sail on the British Defender; which brought us out to many magnificent snorkeling spots on the Great Barrier Reef. The view from the boat deck was beautiful and enchanting at every hour of the day. The boat crew and the company on board were so much fun that I almost forgot I'm prone to motion sickness! The calm waters of the Whitsunday Islands didn't give me the slightest opportunity to feel uncomfortable as I slept snuggled up in my little top bunk which eventually felt more spacious than it initially seemed after a couple of bumps on the head and twisted body parts while trying to maneuver around my personal spot at the back of the boat.
Just to name a couple of highlights from the 2 days and 2 nights spent on the trip;
  • Spotting whales!
  • Swimming with a turtle!
  • having colorful fish and marine life at arms reach!
  • WhiteHaven Beach (the sand on this beach reminded me of castor sugar!!*laughs* sigh...I never stop thinking of food or baking. Probably the best beach I've ever seen!)
I've learnt lots from this trip on board the British Defender.
For example: How a sail boat is balanced while being tipped more than 60 degrees by the wind, How you should NEVER NEver shave your legs before going into sea water *ouCH*, How 2 goons of wine will never be enough for 2 nights on a boat, How an Austrian Deck of cards have D's and B's instead of Queen's and Jack's, How the crew usually stores Goodies, CHocolate and Cake hidden under the bunk where we sleep! hehe *sneaky-grin* and how your nose bridge will always be the first to burn when your face is in the sun! *sigH* it was great fun I wish I the days lasted longer!

*Food related post - coming up in about a couple of hours...I need to run off to stock up the fridge and pantry. *wink*


locura said...

can you imagine going to a beach with castor sugar for sand, and melted chocolate for the sea? ooh, and the fish shall be fruit flavored gummy fish, and the ccoconut trees would actually be coconut candy!! * floats of into sugar heaven*

Su-Yin said...

Haha id probably weigh 100 kg's in a place like that ;) *laughs*