July 30, 2006

Tired, Battered and still smiling :)

I apologize for the late entry today. It's been a very long day for me...a fun one at least.
It was a Paint-Balling/Skirmish day! Despite telling everyone it was my first time, I was given no pity. My battlemates on the opposing team fired away their painful bullets like there was no tomorrow! *laughs*
Although it's been awhile since I've evolved from my "Computer-game geek" phase; I didn't think my aim and strategies with a rifle could have deteriorated so much! I was being "PWWNeed"- gamer's term for "getting-your-ass-kicked". The day's events have led me to think of digging up my old stash of Counter Strike and Call of Duty. *sigh* the good-ol-geeking-days...computer games which I used to obsess about seem like ancient forgotten history since I discovered baking and the kitchen. I guess the change of interest was for the better; at least my hobbies now involve a useful skill and sharing delicious goodies with friends. I grew out of my boy-ish perception of life and decided to embrace the girl in me...considering the fact that I don't have a say in determining my sexuality. *grin* I'd still pick to be a boy if I was given a chance! Haha. I don't really know why..but part of my personality has always made me felt I didn't fit in with the girls. It may have been my physical size...or the food portions I ate...or it may have been the clothes or the company of friends. A good example would be; today when I was at paintball. We had approximately 20 people; which 6 of them being female (including me). I was teammates with 3 girls who were absolutely USELESS!... to the extent that it was actually annoying! Our team was very much weaker with obvious reasons; we didn't have an equal number of participants. Half of my team (the girls) hid behind rocks/trees 90% of the time! It was retarded. Out of frustration; I rolled over and asked them "Why are you guys hiding behind this tree together? the enemies aren't anywhere near! Come! Let's go!"
and I got several replies which dropped my jaw;
"...but I don't want to get shot! It HUrtttssss!! *whine*" -(then don't play paintball!)
"I'm scared! You want to join us? We can fit one more." -(I said no thanks and crawled away)
One of the girls yelled at me "Don't be StuPID! You're going to get bruises and scars and stuff!"......at that point..I was convinced that I wasn't one of 'the-girls'. I returned home with a bruise on every body part, sore limbs and dirt all over me! It was all worth it, the feeling of taking out enemies with painful squirts was exhilarating! I'm proud of my battle scars; I think they're 'hot', in an army-tough girl sorta way! *laughs*Before I retire to bed to have a good nights sleep; I'll share with everyone a very special family recipe which reminds me so much of home and my childhood. They may be unattractive to look at, but don't judge them by their appearance, they taste absolutely fantastic!
Although my mom has a different name for them...
I call them "Peanut butter+orange" cookies.
100gm peanut butter
Grated rind 1 orange
100gm castor sugar

50gm crushed walnuts
1 egg
75gm sultanas
100gm self raising flour
1. Cream the peanut butter with orange rind and sugar until light and fluffy.
2. Beat in the egg . Add the sultanas, nuts and stir in. Fold in the flour gently.
3. Mix thoroughly and roll into small balls the size of walnuts and and place on a lighty greased baking tray
4. Dip a fork in flour press down lightly
5. Bake for 15-20 minutes at 170 degrees in a preheated oven.
6. Remove from tray and cool on wire cooling rack.


Amrita said...

hi.....in the recipe, you dont mention adding any flour into the cookies...do I just add it with the nuts etc? Or is the 100g of flour just for dipping the fork in lol

Nahuatl said...

I love paint-ball!! :)

oh.. and I love food too ;P

Su-Yin said...

amrita: whoopz! hahaha! Must have been the tired eyes messing with my brain...I shall edit the recipe straight away! Thanks SO much for bringing it to my attention! LOL

nahuatl: Nice to hear from you, I just hopped over to your blog to have a browse. Could you possibly teach me how to set up a shortcut archive sections at the side of your blog? My recipe lists are getting a little long and difficult! Haha. Email me: huensuyin@hotmail.com ...thanks :)

Liz :) said...

Wow! They sound fab! I must try them out sometime! Thanks for sharing it! :)

Su-Yin said...

hey liz! glad your blog is up and running. looks good :)

Anonymous said...

hi,great cookies!is it possible for u to post up a pb and nutella cookie?