July 28, 2006

Hundreds and Thousands

For the past 19 years of my life; I've called these candy toppers "dot-dot thing-ies"!
My ignorance gave my ex-housemate; Kylie a good giggle.
in 2004, She exclaimed with an eyebrow raised; "You don't know what 100's and 1000's are?!" It's what everyone calls them!" *everyone but me I guess...*Haha!
Kylie loved making fairy-bread sandwiches sliced neatly and stacked away in a tupperware to bring to parties and gatherings she often had with her girly friends. It was my first introduction to the famous fairy-bread; hard to believe...but true! As I watched her spread butter on white bread and shake colourful dots on top; I was anxious to steal a slice! too PRETTY!! so TEmptiNG! It was similar to eating buttered white bread sprinkled with crunchy bits of sugar- in a less boring and colourful manner of course :). For old time sake...I'll make myself a fairy-sandwich; as I reminiscence sweet thoughts of Kylie and my memories from the old apartment.Chocolate truffles and slices
200g good quality milk/dark/white chocolate melted
200ml Cream
1 tbsp butter
100's and 1000's / cocoa powder to coat

Melt chocolate and butter in a heat proof bowl till smooth and glossy. Stir in cream till well combined and pour mixture into a wax-paper lined cake tin/ tupperware. Leave to set in the refrigerator for approximately 12 hours overnight. Remove gently and slice into squares/ roll soft mixture into balls. Coat generously in 100's and 1000's or cocoa powder. Store refrigerated.


aLz said...

hey, do u know what difference does it make in using butter/oil for brownies? i heard using butter makes it more moist, and oil making it more cake-like. isit true?

Su-Yin said...

hey aliaa...hmm, im not too sure...ive made moist brownies with oil before..
I personally feel its just the recipe you're incorporating it in. Try a different combination if you're not happy with the outcome. I don't think The proportions for butter/oil shouldn't be substituted in recipes either...i doubt they would turn out right.

mom said...

I read that vegetables oils such as canola,corn,safflower or soyabean oil are 100% fat. They are used in baking to provide moisture and tenderness. Peanut and olive oils do not work well with baking normal cakes.
Stor oils in a cool, dark place for three to six months. heat, light and time will turn oils rancids.

aLz said...

haha me again, how do u make the choc cream on top o the truffles? hehe =P

Su-Yin said...

thats just chocolate buttercream al :)

pinknest said...


Lily said...

You posted truffles on my birthday.

Also, we call them sprinkles and I hear some people call them non-pareils.

I like sprinkles! :)

a vicious girl said...

May I know what kind of cream you used?

Anonymous said...

Growing up in Canada, with Australian/English parents caused a few moments of vocab/slang confusion for me, and hundreds and thousands are one of my favourite examples. Grade three we were given an assignment that involved writing a recipe for an favourite ice cream sundae - we could put anything on it. Mine, naturally said that along with chocolate sauce and god-knows-what-else, I would like to have 'hundreds and thousands'.
Teacher: Hundreds and thousands of what?
Me: (confused) Hundreds and thousands.
Teacher: Of what? What do you want hundreds and thousands of.
I tried to explain.
Teacher: Oh, you want hundreds and thousands of sprinkles!
She made me write it on my assignment 'hundreds and thousands of sprinkles.'
She also thought a telly was a telephone.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

a vicious girl: its thick fresh cream.

anonymous: that is so funny! thanks for the laugh! haha