April 9, 2006

To my dismay...

A crisis has arisen in my beloved kitchen! While I was beating away with my trusty hand mixer yesterday, one of the hinges came loose! Now it just refuses to function properly. Im off to the stores during lunch today to scout for a new affordable one. I was making these in between the malfunction.
I had to finish beating the batter for the chocolate sponge layer with a hand whisk! :( . It didn't turn out very well for me (it turned out more of a cookie more than a sponge layer). My taste testers couldn't tell what the problem was! so I didn't spoil their moment of indulgence *sneaky*hee hee. I wanted the layers of cakes to be at least an inch thicker and was to beat the eggs and sugar combination until 'thick and foamy' and trust me...with 4 eggs, a cup of sugar and a mini whisk, the job wasn't easy.
Dinner last night was quite filling. We had something im used to making with prosciutto, but had to improvise with a few slices of turkey ham as there weren't any deli's near where I live. A diner suggested that I should call it, 'Chic-in -a-blanket', it was a piece of marinated and grilled chicken thigh stuffed with semi dried tomatoes and mozzarella and wrapped in slices of turkey ham.( I usually like wrapping it in prosciutto as it transfers its flavours to the chicken while it cooks. It is also sliced thinner and more flexible when wrapping the chicken). I made grated kumara and potato pancakes, pan fried haloumi cheese and a small salad of corn, lettuce and tomatoes as side dishes to help compensate for the little portion of meat everyone had.

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