April 29, 2006

The Party

It went great! Last night was heaps of fun! I was preparing for the party from dawn to dusk, but it was all worth it. Everyone loved the buffet spread and we had a few fun activities throughout the night. Guests brought crisps, wedges and drinks to help keep the party going after my food and pizzas were finished.

I had a good variety of food on the counter;

  • Vegetarian rice vermicilli noodles (for those who were vegetarian and Muslim)
  • sandwiches (ham+pickles+cream cheese and egg+tomato)
  • Sambal boats (Spicy Malaysian sambal on cucumber boats)
  • Cucur udang (A Malaysian snack made from prawn paste - deep fried with flour)
  • Malaysian prawn crackers
  • Salads (which nobody ate, haha)
  • garlic bread sticks
  • Everyone got to build thier own pizzas on Lebanese bread with an array of numerous condiments I had prepared. (I forgot to take pictures of the 20 over pizza's I was making throughout the party, my hands were dirty and I was too busy feeding everyone; anybody took pictures of thier pizza which I could have?).
Desserts were;
  • Butter cupcakes sandwiched with strawberry jam and iced with buttercream and tiny marshmallows cut in half as flower petals
  • Chocolate pots and baskets (I baked chocolate puddings in tiny ice cream cones to resemble pots and stuck several lollypops in the middle with piped buttercream flowers around the corners)
  • White chocolate puddings covered in milk chocolate toppings and strawberries
  • A chocolate fondue made with lindt milk, dark and cadbury milk bars melted with cream, milk and a dash of mocha coffee powder. Everyone loved this part of the party!
A special thanks to everyone who came by, Amrit; who helped clean the house, Pinky for having to do so much chopping and dicing! and Artem for doing the 'man-ly' electrical+ moving furniture chores and helping me make pretty stick kebabs of berries, pineapple and marshmallows. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did! I managed to keep within our budget of less than $40 per person between the 3 of us for the ingredients and party necessities and we intend to have more parties in the future! ps: Those who would like recipes for the food last night; email me some requests and I'll post them up for everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hey Su-yin!
thanks for a great party last nite :) so much yummilicious food!!!! priyanka is sooo lucky to have u as her housemate (we always tell her that)!!keep the blog entries coming!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

Glad you had fun :)
were definately going to have another party....sometime soon, just need a couple of days wehen all of us are free.
*hug hug* was so nice having you, nali, amy and jen over!

Anonymous said...

sardin rolls
1 med. sized sardin (remove bone n mash)
1/2 red chilly remove seed diced finely
1/2 bombay onion diced finely
1/2 lime juice
1/4 tsp fine salt
pepper to taste

1/2 egg for glazing

45-60g (1.5-2oz) margarine firm and cold
1 pinch salt
2 dessp iced water

1 prepare the baking tray and oven
a)grease the baking tray lightly with melted fat
b)heat the oven to 200 C (400F)or gas regulo 5-6

mix all the ingredients with the mashed sardine. mixed well and season to taste.

a)rub the margarine into the flour
b)add the iced water to make a dough
roll the pastry to 3mm(1/8inch) thickness

a)cut the pastry into rectangles of 5x7.5 cm(2x3 in)
b)spoon out equal amounts of filling on each pastry piece
c)wet the edges of the pastry pieces
d)roll each piece of pastry into a neat roll
e)place the sardine roll on a baking tray. brush over with eggs
f)make 2 or3 slits on the surface of each roll.

a bake on top self for 10 minutes
b)remove from the oven and brush the rolls again with beaten eggs. (

gives it a better colour)
c) reduce the temp. to 150C 350F and continue to bake for another 10 min. or turn brown


hope you will like this one came from the school days

Anonymous said...

hey, can u teach me how to make those fruit baskets and chocolate pots? i really love them! they are so beautiful!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

hey yeemei, It's really easy...use any rich chocolate cupcake recipe you like and bake them in tiny flat based ice cream cones which you can find at supermarkets. (lookat my pictures as reference). Fill your cones a little less than the brim. Bake your cupcakes in the cones at 170-175 degrees in the oven. When you remove them, they will sink a little in the center. Melt chocolate with cream to make a nice smooth gooey chocolate mixture and while still warm add a small dollop of butter to make it shiny. Spoon the mixture into the center of your pots. Leave to cool. Make a small batch of buttercream and divide into 2 batches. Leave a batch white and the other colour pink with food colouring. Pipe out tiny flowers around the corners of the pots after they are completely cool. Insert lollypop into the center of the pot. This may be a little fiddly depending on the density of your cake; the lollypops may begin to tip over if the chocolate mixture is still soft and the cake is light. You may need to wait about 3-4 hours until the chocolate is set before you pierce it with a lolly. Tell me how it turns out :)
if you want my personal chocolate cake recipe as well, give me an email.

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

oh yes...i forgot to mention...if you intend for them to be fruit baskets....add a couple of strawberries on top, or omit the chocolate cream mixture and fill chocolate pots with gummy lollys shaped like fruit :)

-weihon- said...

hey suyin!! thanks for everything that night! it was an awesome party! hehe.. next time, ima make it a point to get more alcohol over. hahaha! i think the next funct will prob be at my place, so get ready y'all! hehe.. steamboat sounds good yes??? ^^ steamboat night 2006!! kekeke..

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tips!
u gave me the sudden urge to terrorise my kitchen! *smacks head*
i'll let u know the outcome of my 'masterpiece' ..hahaha....

Anonymous said...

the party was awesome! we all had heaps of fun and the food was delicious - no surprises there! thanks for putting it all together!
Btw, I was interested in the Cucur Udang. they were so addictive. How do u make them?

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

hey nali :)The cucur udang is probably so addictive because it was deep fried! haha everything deepfried is crisp and ever so eviL! The cucur was made with a mix bought from the asian stores down the street. I had udang; which means prawns, but there is also the plain one, an onion one and some other flavours as well. I'll buy a pack for you when im over there again as you may need to know Malay to read the packet and understand the steps written at the back.

Anonymous said...

so true ;)

jellyfungus said...

mane cute Aussie guysss?? tak nampak punnnn!! Russian guys pun boleh lah!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

jgan-lah mengatal neem :P hehe....mak bapa aku baca blog nee lah