March 29, 2006

The beginning of my blog

This blog is dedicated to my love for food and the culinary arts. I wouldnt call my "noob" cooking skills culinary arts..but its certainly headed in that direction. I am an enthusiastic junior chef-->yes wearing the apron does make me a chef *cheeky grin* still missing the chef hat! Being bound to my uni lifestyle (mini budget and schedule) i have very basic tools and ingredients, most of my concoctions i make from common items at the local grocery store, or the 27/4 gas station down the street! (when im desperate). Every now and then, i get to splurge on a few extras like fresh berries and good quality chocolate (still desperate for a proper pie dish!).
I am the queen of improvising! I have to, i've done it for years and i do it so well! Most of my recipes are derived from lil bit and pieces of what i have available. I have always been good at craft and creating "something" out of "nothing" and i dont see why I shouldnt apply that to cooking *shrug* saves me a $$! hehe. I guess i have learnt most basics of cooking and I have a good sense of flavour and taste. I love to eat; and i from that, sparked my love for cooking.
I have a long journey in pursuing this passion of mine, to learn, to experience and to EAT! :P.

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Consueel said...

I just love your bloggie...

*Hugs* C.